Feb 25, 2021 • 59M

The Nothing Line - I recorded the sound of an empty Underground train and it made me feel a bit weird and spooky

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For obvious reasons the London Underground isn’t at full capacity at the moment and the other evening I needed to use it to make a necessary trip, the exact purpose of which none of your business. I was deffo not buying weed or spending my fesshole sausage money on propping up the black market.

I made sure I travelled late, about 10pm as I don’t want to be breathing in the foul COVID air of strangers and I got lucky. My carriage was entirely empty for the entire journey from East Finchley to Bank.

And, for reasons of art, and that I hadn’t really been on a tube for a while and it felt like an event I decided to bring along a handheld recording device and sit there recording the noise.

So, here we have it, 60 mins or so of journey. The trip out, there’s no one, and on the way back there’s a couple of people.

I gave it to a friend to listen to and said he quite enjoyed having it on as ambient noise whilst he worked. Maybe you’ll think that too - or maybe you’ll think it’s pointlessly dull. Either way it’s a record of SOMETHING, and whilst recording it I slightly spooked myself with thoughts of a trains system still operating in the apocalypse after the people had gone.

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