Uncle Clive: Sinclair’s nephew talks about growing up on the Spectrum


Rob Manuel of b3ta.com talks to Grant Sinclair, nephew to Clive Sinclair, the founder of Sinclair Research

I thought with the sad news that Clive Sinclair has died, it would be interesting to chat to his nephew.

We all grew up thinking of him as Uncle Clive - and this is the man who did it for real

His name is Grant Sinclair, and yes he does also make electric vehicles.

Our chat chat takes in Brexit, what it was like growing up with a successful uncle and the truth about his relationship with Chris Curry (they remained friends) - so shove it into your ears if you like.

BTW: If you want to listen to this in a podcast app then cut and paste this link into the bit that says something like “add show by URL” - that’s what it’s called on the default iPhone podcast app.


Animation from Captain Howdy on B3ta. And below is Grant himself

And thanks to Alex, Grants cousin and another nephew of Sir Clive for putting us in touch.